It started with you first.

The Relationship

The relationship between independent advisors and their broker-dealers is often lacking, and advisors can feel isolated and left to fend for themselves. We created CreativeOne Securities to provide independent advisors access to industry-leading resources because you deserve to truly know the people you work alongside.

CreativeOne Securities was built from the ground up and has put in countless hours overseeing each advisor’s transition, ensuring quality service. Our experienced team will help you through the transition as you make the move to CreativeOne Securities.

Walking in Your Shoes

Knowing the intricacies of the industry from an advisor’s point of view can be invaluable. Not only do we see and understand the hurdles of running a practice and balancing life, we’ve walked in your shoes. We’re committed to delivering you valuable resources you can pass along to your clients. We focus our resources on you because we see it from your point of view.

With CreativeOne Securities, we care about you and your success matters.

Jeff Eisenhauer, President, CCO

Here’s why I moved to CreativeOne Securities.

For the past few decades, I’ve been working for privately owned broker-dealers in the Kansas City area. What I loved best about the brokerage, was the family-feel. I wasn’t certain I could find another relationship-driven broker-dealer when that brokerage merged with a corporate-driven broker. The small broker-dealer industry continues to diminish, from either M&As or simply unable to compete with the giants in the industry. The relationship-driven broker-dealers are ever decreasing due to rising competition and threats to margins or due to regulations.

I joined CreativeOne Securities because we are part of an industry-leading diversified financial services organization and are committed to remaining a family-oriented broker-dealer. Like where I came from, advisors meet our teams with hugs, not handshakes.

Witnessing these types of relationships, is why my decision to move to CreativeOne Securities was solidified.

  • You’re not a number, don’t be treated like one.
  • You’re unique, so are your practice’s needs.
  • You deserve a partner who’s committed to helping you grow.
  • Meet a team whose actions speak louder than words.

If you’re looking for the personal broker-dealer relationships of the past, I’m here to tell you they still exist. If you’re considering making the move, get to know what a truly independent broker-dealer can do for you.

The inception of CreativeOne Securities, was with you in mind first, and foremost.

Give our team a call and let’s see if we’re a fit 913.814.6097.

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